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Higher Education

Taking care of students means taking care of facilities

Are you competing with campuses that seem to have deep pockets when it comes to enhancing their facilities with all the amenities and “cool” spaces today’s students want?

Unfortunately, budget concerns interfere with a school’s ability to educate and create great experiences for students, faculty and staff.

Facility improvements aside, neglected maintenance increases costs in the long run and creates unsafe conditions. Poorly working HVAC systems, improper cleaning, and bad lighting all impact faculty, staff, and student attendance, attention, and enjoyment of the campus. You might also see donors withdrawing their support.

City FM has learned ways to help students learn.

With a focus on them, we create an environment of learning without facility distractions and with the latest bells and whistles. We’ll help you upgrade, while keeping costs down through efficiencies and intelligent processes. There are also funding opportunities we can help you navigate to finance your project though savings. You’ll be able to focus on education while City FM makes sure everything’s pleasant, up to student expectations, and in tip-top working order. Your facility will enhance recruiting and school pride.

Creating exceptional campus experiences through educational facilities management

Building great campus experiences helps build your brand reputation, student and alumni loyalty, and ultimately, your success. City FM realizes the importance of our contribution.

We’ve built and tested models of service delivery that are quite unique—and effective—in facilities services and management.


  • Dedicated teams of service technicians ensuring familiarity of assets and personnel.
  • Multi-skilled Technicians (MSTs) who can perform most tasks without having to call in external help, thereby increasing uptime in asset utilization.
  • Multi-faceted technology-driven service monitoring with complete visibility afforded to customers.
  • 24/7/365 coverage by a help desk where you will always speak to a human being and receive expedited attention on all issues.
  • Full life cycle management of special projects by qualified engineers and other professionals.
  • Planned and well-executed comprehensive facility support services conducive to creating the optimal learning and working environment for students, faculty, and staff.