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Downtime or systems inefficiencies can cost your business a fortune in lost production, lost sales, higher operational costs, disgruntled employees, and customer dissatisfaction. City FM ensures that our industrial customers can operate at peak efficiency, by keeping the facility in prime condition to support the work you’re doing.


When employees love coming to work, they’re more productive and creative. They help build your loyalty, and ultimately, profitability and shareholder value. City FM realizes the importance of our work. We’ve built and tested models of service delivery that are quite unique—and effective—in facilities services and management.


  • Dedicated teams of service technicians ensuring familiarity of assets and personnel.
  • Multi-skilled Technicians (MSTs) who can perform most tasks without having to call in external help, thereby increasing uptime in asset utilization.
  • Multi-faceted technology-driven service monitoring with complete visibility afforded to customers.
  • 24/7/365 coverage by a help desk where you will always speak to a human being and receive expedited attention on all issues.
  • Full life cycle management of special projects by qualified engineers and other professionals.
  • Freeing customers to focus on core activities and providing peace of mind through responsible ownership and execution of comprehensive facility support services.