Integrated Delivery

Integrated Delivery

Enhancing human experiences through FM by optimizing surroundings

The condition and efficiency of your facility have a direct impact on your success. Comfortable, well-functioning environments enhance customer loyalty as well as employee longevity, innovation, and productivity. All of these maximize resources, prolong the life of your assets, and raise your bottom line.

Employees, students, visitors, customers, patients and families… How people engage with your facility can make or break your success. Health, safety, and comfort are the minimum requirements. Further enhancing the environment can elevate the human experience. It gives you a competitive edge.

Customer loyalty = sales
Employee loyalty = productivity, teamwork, innovation, and ultimately better sales.

The same logic applies to anyone experiencing your premises.

Every maintenance situation requires a different solution based on your desired outcome, your inhouse capabilities, and your industry. Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) affords you the ultimate in savings and peace of mind. However, City FM also offers different levels of involvement—from simply serving as your consultant in support of your inhouse program to more complete solutions.
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IFM: A turnkey solution that creates the best experience for you

Our IFM program allows you to zero-in on your business needs while we look after your entire facility AND its people. What’s more, we’ll help your facility become a catalyst for organizational transformation. As your true partner, City FM offers hard and soft facility services—the vast majority self-performed. Additionally, we’ll help you realize your engineering and building projects from inception to completion through City FM’s division, City Building Engineering Services (CBES).

“Outsourcing is enabling competitive advantage,” concludes Deloitte in their 2018 Global Outsourcing Survey.

The Benefits of Integrated Facility Management

“IFM is multiple disciplines to ensure functionality, comfort, safety and efficiency of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology.”

-International Facility Managment Association (IFMA)

IFM provides synergistic benefits. No more duplication of tasks and functions typical in outsourcing to multiple service partners!

When you outsource to City FM on a turnkey basis, you reap the many benefits:

  • Facilities that enhance the end-user experience
  • A pervasive customer service culture that fosters quality, efficient work
  • Optimized resources that lead to operational improvement & savings
  • Assets are preserved or enhanced
  • A profit-driven maintenance approach that increases your bottom line

Our integrated service option yields quantifiable cost savings and quality. We combine technology with an expertly trained workforce and meticulously selected vendor partners.

Why City FM for your IFM

  • Reduced operational costs
  • Outcome based contracting
  • Enhanced employee workspaces
  • Improved functionality, comfort, safety & efficiency of built environment
  • Integrated delivery of people, place, process & technology
  • Self-delivered services
  • Data-empowered workforce