An industry-disruptive model delivering the best outcomes

City FM’s true partnership model is a distinctly different approach to facilities management. Our relationship will not be the typical customer/contractor arrangement: We offer an industry-disruptive delivery system, firmly established on transparency and collaboration.

Everything we do is designed to make our customer-partners’ businesses better. We believe that transparency is key to generating the best results. Through our underpinning technology, Mercury, our experts gather data at each stage of every project, sharing honest insights with you, de-mystifying the process. We execute and grow together in the spirit and promise of collaboration.

The City FM partnership model is a ring-fenced financial structure. It’s how we ensure that your service program is both affordable and comprehensive. The partnership model is based on:

  1. Spend transparency and joint budget development
  2. Resource reallocation
  3. Spend reduction (targeted savings returned to Customer)
  4. Multi-Skilled Technicians

Based on our data-driven approach, we know we can drive significant savings for you. This is especially true if you outsource your current in-house services to us. With City FM, you’ll also gain other distinct benefits.

City FM’s partnership difference, and how you benefit

Self-Delivery with our unique model of MSTs:

You’ll appreciate this approach. Each City FM team member is carefully selected for their service roles and then diligently trained on a variety of skills – we call them our MSTs (Multi-Skilled Technicians).

You can rely on the people working in your facility, without worry about subcontractors’ qualifications. In fact, with MSTs dedicated to you, you’ll enjoy quick resolution of repair and maintenance issues by someone who knows your needs inside and out.

Data-Driven – keeping an eye on the numbers to continually improve outcomes:

Key to our model is that City FM experts track and measure every aspect of our work. This helps identify further opportunities for efficiencies, improvements, and cost savings for your specific operation and, therefore, gives you the best return.

As our partner, you’ll reap the benefits of quality facilities management delivered with a careful eye on every aspect of service, including cost. And, our partnership model is sustainable for you and for City FM. This unique trust-based approach has helped City FM grow globally. You can be assured we’ll be there for you in the long run.

Partnership Principles

City FM owns & manages partner’s affordable budget

  • Spend transparency and joint budget development
  • Resource reallocation

Dedicated direct delivery workforce

  • Multi-Service Technicians (MSTs) & RHVAC
  • Self-perform 90% + of all customer-partner needs

Fortified by:

  • 24-hour helpdesk
  • Customized proprietary operating system & apps
  • Management reports
  • Field operational management

Contractual KPIs and SLAs