Cary Nix

Cary Nix

SVP of Engineering & Operations

Cary Nix is Senior Vice President of Engineering and Operations at City Building Engineering Services (CBES).

As SVP of Engineering and Operations, Cary leads all engineering and technical solutions for the Northeast organization. His primary focus is to support clients with Refrigeration, EMS, HVAC, engineering, project management and commissioning while ensuring they meet their critical sustainability goals.

Since starting with CBES in 2017, Cary began the HVAC recommissioning (ReCx) program with retail giant and long-time client. This multi-million-dollar program (annually) continues to grow today. He also notably developed a new multiplex chiller design for supermarket applications to reduce charge limits and Global Warming Potential (GWP).

Cary is proud of the fact that CBES is passionate about supporting programs that put people first and give back to local communities. In his own words, “I appreciate the support William and Susan Haughey, our Founders, provided the CBES/City team and our communities during challenging times such as the COVID-19 pandemic. We are lucky to have such supportive ownership.”