City’s holistic approach to sustainability, including FM, energy and asset management, and building and engineering services, is proven to reduce stores’ energy consumption by as much as 15%.

We align with the Net Zero framework developed by the Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) to prevent fuel and refrigerant leaks that harm the environment (Scope 1) and reduce the energy used by equipment and facilities (Scope 2) for a truly comprehensive solution.


Our clients can expect to see the following results:


reduction in client energy use by stopping refrigeration leakage


saved through shrink management


saved with energy monitoring and optimization

We’re committed to reducing your emissions and saving you money

Our sustainability services are tailored to your needs and work with any energy management or building system you have in place. 

Our 360-degree carbon management approach includes:

  • Asset investment delivery to determine, implement, and validate energy-efficient assets
  • Data analysis to monitor and optimize energy use and pricing at site and asset level
  • Remote risk management to commission and operate assets remotely, ensuring correct set-point specification and temperature compliance
  • Advisory services to customize strategies informed by benchmarking, modeling, and forecasting.

Closed loop FM to address issues immediately through seamless integration with our help desk and field technicians.

Read City’s environmental and sustainability policy

More than 2,250 companies worldwide use the Net Zero framework developed by SBTi, a core part of City’s sustainability approach.

sustainability council city

City’s Global Sustainability Council is in your corner

City’s energy and engineering specialists across our global businesses collaborate to develop and implement the latest technology and best practices that meet your Net Zero goals and reduce costs. 

The Council’s experience draws on all core sustainability areas, including: renewables, core utilities (gas, electric, water), data analytics, energy controls, asset and infrastructure-based applications, and wider Net Zero strategy development.

Spark + remote monitoring

Energy management system optimizes consumption, emissions, and spend

Spark+, City’s IoT-powered energy management software,  leverages big data and artificial intelligence to target energy consumption and carbon emissions across a retail estate.

Spark+ delivers continuous, remote monitoring to track temperature and energy use for each store and asset. 

Unexpected spikes in energy use trigger automatic alerts to City analysts, 365, 24×7. Analysts are directly connected to City’s facilities teams on the ground, who ensure equipment is running in the most energy-efficient way to ensure food quality. 

See how Spark+ works

Refrigerant Conversions

Eliminating refrigerant emissions reduces climate impact

With City’s refrigeration experts by your side, you’ll meet the latest regulatory requirements for cooling.

Refrigerant conversion

By transitioning from harmful refrigerants such as hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), you can reduce direct refrigerant emissions intensity per square foot by 66% or more.

Leak reduction

City-developed refrigeration systems contain leakage, for an average blended energy savings of c18% over traditional systems.

Sustainable Lighting

LED lighting cuts energy use and lowers costs

Transitioning from fluorescent to LED case lighting in a grocery store can reduce lighting energy use by more than 40%.

City manages every aspect of LED replacement projects, including ordering, installation, and measuring results. Our vendor relationships provide preferential pricing, which we pass along to you.

Shrink Reduction

Shrink management reduces food waste

Meet growing consumer demand for fresh food and eliminate food waste caused by unexpected temperature changes. 

City ensures that temperature-sensitive fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, and dairy are maintained at the correct temperatures to maximize their lifespan and revenue. 

Food looks great, tastes great, and reflects the quality of your brand.

Watch shrink management in action

Learn the keys to shrink management

Retailer saved $30 million through sustainable efficiencies

City’s sustainability programs keep carbon-conscious retailer on track for 2025 Net Zero goals with measurable results.

Sustainability Case Study