Building & Engineering Services

Building & Engineering Services

Our specialized division, City Building & Engineering Services (CBES), delivers the expertise you need.

Project Management

New projects, remodels or expansions? These don’t need to distract you from your core responsibilities. We’ll oversee any type of facility project for you. Project management services from CBES cover design, engineering, construction, installation, and commissioning—such as for refrigeration, HVAC, or Energy Management Systems (EMS). Our project managers ensure that systems are delivered according to specifications, on schedule and on budget. For more information, please see our Project Management brochure

Planning &

You can have peace of mind when you trust your facility-related project to us.

Our planning and construction services will take you from inception to completion, providing resources for designing, pre-construction, construction, and commissioning. Our internal expertise and vendor management experience—with key performance indicators continually monitored for continuous improvement and transparency—ensure that everything will meet your expectations.

Download our Planning & Construction Services brochure for more information.

& Design Services

You don’t have to keep up on current trends in refrigeration, HVAC, and energy management. CBES experts will design, install and maintain the assets, matching your needs. Our team keeps abreast of industry developments and seeks out efficient and cost-effective design solutions. Some of our services include:

  • Conducting end-to-end system analysis of all new and existing systems
  • Developing plans in pre-engineering and preliminary CAD design for new and innovative projects
  • Coordinating system designs with architectural and other engineering firms
  • Implementing new technologies to assure optimal equipment selections with respect to energy, environment, maintenance, and cost

Procurement & Supply Chain Management

Take advantage of City FM’s global reach and purchasing power. Along with our vast knowledge of facilities maintenance, we can source various assets and services for you at favorable prices. Our services include:

  • Purchase strategy planning
  • Supplier research & selection
  • Finance & price negotiation

…and much more

In short, our dedicated supply chain management function manages the process from concept to commissioning—taking procurement, logistics and related matters out of your hands.That’s a worry-free, A to Z experience for you.