Intelligence & Automation

Make facilities management smarter and faster

With rich data, machine learning and artificial intelligence, we work more proactively and efficiently than any other facilities management provider. As a result, you get more asset uptime and cost savings.

predictive analytics

Predictive analytics

Transform preventive maintenance into predictive maintenance, extending your equipment life and lowering your total costs.

City’s real-time data, combined with in-depth equipment knowledge and repair histories across thousands of locations and 30MM+ service transactions reveal patterns and insights.

Based on these insights, we intelligently manage maintenance schedules and inform on your capital planning decisions.

We build custom solutions to meet our partners’ needs and collaborate with the best in the business to apply emerging technologies to facilities management and sustainability challenges.

Spark + remote monitoring


Through City’s Spark+ solution, we continuously monitor temperature conditions of refrigeration, hot bars, and other food and beverage equipment.

If temperatures spike or fall unexpectedly, Spark+ automatically sends alerts to kick off investigations. Any problems are addressed before food can spoil, avoiding costly emergency repairs and food waste.

Digital temperature compliance reports are automatically generated to meet HACCP tracking requirements for food safety.

SOUNDTech+ (Powered by DST)

Machine-learning ultrasound technology detects impending system failures, providing real-time data for City’s techs to find and repair equipment before it fails.

In addition, the SOUNDTech+ platform provides previously unavailable data to analyze equipment life like never before, bolstering the ability to do more informed capital planning and forecasting. Read more here.

IoT Asset Management

IoT Asset Management

Making sure the technologies that manage your facilities and assets are connected is key to compliance, energy efficiency, control, and data availability. City provides a backbone connectivity framework that supports your legacy systems as well as future assets and technologies.

Integrating computer-aided facility management (CAFM) software and computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) allows us to aggregate service, equipment, and asset data to make decisions intelligently and automatically.

  • Smart building controls surface data for asset optimization
  • Remote commissioning avoids expensive on-site software installation
  • Micro-grid connectivity shapes energy loads across whole estates and asset groups

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