Integrated Facilities Management

City is the only IFM provider with a 360-degree facilities management approach

Facilities management is one aspect of our holistic, data-driven approach, along with building, engineering, and sustainability services. City understands the relationships between facilities and equipment design, technology solutions, energy use, maintenance, and repair. That makes a huge impact on efficiency and the quality of your results.

Our self-perform model is more effective and efficient than in-house or vendor models


Traditional facilities management models lack transparency, make it difficult to manage costs and negatively impact the customer experience.



Recruitment and retention burden
Compliance gaps
Inefficient use of funding
Lack of long-term strategy, without access to
new technology best practices



Uncompetitive rates
Decreased uptime
Compliance and safety risks
Increased costs and decreased visibility


We do facilities maintenance differently. We build a dedicated team, customized to you, that delivers exceptional service and sustained cost savings.


up to 95% of services for our partners


ensures no surprises


fuels performance intelligence


keep you on the cutting-edge

RHVAC experts optimize cooling and heating system uptime

Your RHVAC systems are the lifeblood of your stores and ensure your ability to generate revenue. Every moment RHVAC equipment is down or not performing optimally impacts your bottom line.

Included with the City IFM Partnership, RHVAC technicians are responsible for refrigeration and freezer cases, air conditioners, climate control systems, heating equipment, and ventilation units. 

RHVAC technicians handle FM operations such as: 

  • Predictive maintenance with latest technologies 
  • Leak check and EPA reporting 
  • CO2 and glycol systems 
  • R22 retrofits 
  • Cold room 
  • Pharmaceutical storage 
  • Coil cleaning 
  • HVAC filter changes 
  • Planning
  • Design and Engineering
  • Construction and Project Management

Multi-Skilled Technicians solve 90% of your FM issues

MSTs take responsibility for your facilities and are first to spot and respond to any concern, for lower costs and faster fixes.

Instead of multiple vendors charging for labor, travel time, parts, and return trips, with City’s IFM partnership, a single MST is dedicated to each store and solves most facilities maintenance issues in a single visit. 

Boots-on-the-ground MSTs handle multiple disciplines, including: 

  • Electrical 
  • Mechanical 
  • Lighting 
  • Plumbing 
  • Carpentry 
  • Handyman
  • Building Fabric
  • Automated Doors
  • Food & Beverage Services
  • Locksmith

Emergency preparedness: plan, protect, recover

Whether you’re in the path of a hurricane, get hit by a snowstorm, or experience an unexpected disruption, we’ve got your back.   

As part of our holistic IFM approach, City has a dedicated team and proven process to ensure business continuity, including proactive planning, protection during the event, and immediate and extended recovery support.

Our central operations act as your command center and our “Storm Troopers” are on the ground to keep your stores and your people safe.  

Fuel management keeps your community moving

City manages your fuel tanks, monitoring, testing, and dispensing equipment for maximum efficiency and performance.   

Fuel management experts handle line and leak detection, fuel quality inspections, fuel polishing, tank cleaning, and all requirements for EMV and PCI compliance.



Ground services City

Exterior services provide a welcoming environment

A dedicated team takes care of landscaping, fertilization, weed and pest management, mulching, leaf removal, irrigation, pruning and hedging, spring/fall cleanup, seasonal displays, and snow removal.



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