Tap into the best FM expertise in the market.

City Consulting Services (CCS) was established to provide unparalleled facilities management expertise and flexibility in the market. Whether your area of greatest need is in asset management, capital replacement, or technical workforce strategies, we will help you develop and implement proven processes that maximize your organization’s performance.


1 site or 10,000, CCS can unlock FM value. 

Working hand-in-hand with your team, we offer technical expertise, global perspective and proven capabilities to enable you to unlock the value in your current facilities strategy.

Backed by decades of market-leading experience across our City FM and CBES portfolios, our facilities management consultants evaluate your existing operations and provide practical strategies for improvement in as little as eight weeks.


Recruitment & Development

Our people experts have recruited and trained thousands of technical staff in highly competitive markets for City FM and its partners over the years. Whether developing a best-in-class training center, hundreds of on-demand courses or a technical framework that empowers technicians to “level up” and progress their careers, we know what it takes to create and maintain a reliable, happy workforce.

By finding the best talent with the best skills, we ensure that your greatest assets can develop alongside your organization and its growing needs.

Resource Profile

We conduct a detailed analysis and determine the optimal profile that not only meets cost targets but also leverages global expertise to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity.

Through an extensive review of your sites’ existing performance and our recommendations that support the career progression and cross-training of your team, you will experience increased first-time fix rates that produce more efficient operations at reduced costs.



Refrigerant & Energy Use

Our energy experts across the globe have supported dozens of organizations in delivering on their critical Net Zero initiatives.

With your sustainability goals in mind, we ensure the right programs are implemented to support up to 15% reduction in energy consumption and costs. Utilizing our proprietary energy management software, we track and measure all energy offset initiatives and support your internal reporting and compliance targets.



With CCS, you stay in control. We will align with your team to produce the desired business outcomes – operational, financial and environmental – whether you deliver the value yourself or CCS delivers it on your behalf.

Procurement & Vendors

Optimizing your supply chain is fundamental to an effective operation. Our thorough review of your supply chain including an effective truck stock program will drive 15-20% more efficiencies across your sites and increase levels of satisfaction along the way.

Further savings will be achieved through a standardization of your supply base which ensures that when materials are required, they are sourced at the right speed for the right price.



Technology & Innovation

Leveraging 40 years of global intelligence, we bring you the very latest in cutting-edge technology so that your facilities are optimally set up for the future.

Through a suite of IoT asset management, artificial intelligence tools that predict 98% of failures before they occur or remote monitoring systems, we can help you find the power in your data and deliver continual innovation into your business.



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