What we do

Augmented Services

All City FM customers can benefit from our augmented services. Even if you’re not contracted with City FM for facility services, you can still take advantage of any or all of the augmented services to enhance your operation.

Mercury Technology

Completely integrable with customer systems, our proprietary, industry-leading Mercury system can provide end-to-end services, including:

  • Real-time, asset-level energy management
  • Lifecycle cost analysis
  • Workorder management
  • Compliance tracking
  • and much more

Developed in-house by a global team of more than 60 people, Mercury features customized interfaces for role-based (e.g., technicians, managers, customers, etc.) data inputs and information access. The system’s full suite of apps, geolocated dashboards, and granular data analyses provide useful statistics for transparency and continuous improvement initiatives.

While Mercury is designed from a facilities management viewpoint, City FM can allocate resources to further develop the product for you. You’ll have even more access to functionality and data analytics capability.

Executives ranked their top FM reporting needs in a KPMG survey as follows:

  1. Cost Data
  2. Business Intelligence (automated trend, forecast, and data mining capabilities)
  3. Performance reporting and service levels
  4. Building, asset and real estate information
  5. Project Management
  6. Space Planning
  7. Business process and workflow management


Reduced energy use is a goal with many benefits. What if you had help monitoring the energy consumption of all your connected assets—lighting, heating, ventilation and refrigeration—in a reliable way? That’s where our energy bureau comes in. The bureau continually monitors the various assets under our management and collects data from sensor monitoring, metering, and plant data. This intelligence about your facility— coupled with our own experience—enables us to identify areas for energy consumption improvement and much more. We call this our hindsight-insight-foresight process.


Hindsight: Data collection, through our Mercury system.

Insight: Data analysis to identify particular areas that may need attention.

Foresight: We learn where remote interventions and solutions are possible and where we can predict energy consumption. Thus, we know what improvements and investments to recommend and deliver.


Our process enables:

  • Remote interventions to catch and correct problems that might otherwise go unseen,
  • Seasonal checks on assets to ensure fit-for-use, and
  • Future procurement strategies.

By seeking out areas where energy consumption may be high and looking for areas where leaks may occur, City FM works hard to prevent energy overuse as part of our sustainability commitment to you. We follow best-in-class practices in helping select material and equipment, in addition to using the most up-to-date sustainable work processes.


You’ll have 24/7/365 coverage through City FM’s helpdesk. Staffed with well-trained and qualified personnel, it provides the human touch—humans backed by technology. They use Mercury, our technology platform (and backbone!) that gives them information at their fingertips. Thus, our helpdesk provides expedient call handling and end-to-end job control, i.e., the person who takes your call owns the process from start to finish. That person will be very well versed with the issue at hand and able to provide an up-to-date status at any time. Our helpdesk personnel provide, among other things, the following:

  • Maintenance decisions based on condition monitoring of assets
  • Alarm handling for refrigeration assets
  • Remote diagnostics and repair
  • Support to enable optimum operation of trading assets

The combination of Mercury and the helpdesk ensures complete asset lifecycle management—for optimal performance and reduced operational costs. What’s more, the collected data provides evidenced-based information for capital planning purposes.


Evidenced-based information gives you insight into lifecycle costing of assets and helps with capital planning. The data collected on assets over time, using City FM’s technology platform, can do just this. Our commitment to transparency and collaboration forms the foundation for a successful partnership with you, that helps reduce costs and prolongs asset life.