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Healthier facilities mean happier patients and families

Among the top 10 most concerning issues for hospital CEOs in 2018 were financial challenges and patient satisfaction

Facility management is sometimes neglected when budgets are tight. Yet, the facility itself can detract from your mission of caring for people who need the best care.

Keep patient satisfaction scores high by keeping the facility pleasant, up-to-date, compliant, and efficient with a partner who will also keep an expert eye on costs.

Creating the best
human experiences and
outcomes through
healthcare FM

Great patient and family experiences boost your brand reputation, your patient satisfaction scores, and your bottom line, while ultimately helping patients get better faster.

City FM realizes the importance of our work. We’ve built and tested models of service delivery that are quite unique—and effective—in facilities services and management


  • Dedicated teams of service technicians for defined groups of retail outlets ensuring familiarity of assets and personnel, always.
  • Multi-skilled Technicians (MSTs) who can perform most tasks without having to call in external help, thereby increasing uptime in asset utilization.
  • Multi-faceted technology-driven service monitoring with complete visibility afforded to customers.
  • 24/7/365 coverage by a help desk where you will always speak to a human being and receive expedited attention on all issues.
  • Full lifecycle management of special projects by qualified engineers and other professionals.