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City Introduces Case Cleaning Offering

City Facilities Management (FL) LLC has enhanced its self-delivery model with its newest offering, case cleaning. Alongside its comprehensive FM services, this additional service delivers proven energy and operational benefits by cleaning the equipment to allow proper airflow, ensuring refrigeration cases will run optimally for City’s partner.

The creation of this new service began after a discussion with City’s grocer partner of six years. When the opportunity arose for City and its partner to join forces on the development of a refrigeration cleaning and maintenance service, City knew this was an area where it could bring great value.

The case cleaning service offers long-term value to City’s partner by providing improved efficiencies in time and effort since they no longer must use an outsourced vendor to provide this service. Case Cleaning Technicians oversee the cleaning of refrigeration cases for various retail locations, sanitizing refrigerated cases and identifying major repairs while maintaining compliance with relevant health and safety regulations. In self-delivering with its very own Case Cleaning Technicians, City ensures that all work is done the City Way, guaranteeing the highest quality of service its partners have come to expect.

Another benefit of self-delivering case cleaning for City’s partner includes the improved ability to monitor case conditions and potential legal liabilities. According to ACHR News, case cleaning is important because without optimal external airflow, or the ability to “breathe,” refrigeration equipment is at risk for possible equipment failure or risks that could void the warranty. The Case Cleaning Technicians communicate with Refrigeration Technicians to share any issues they see so they can perform quick fixes for any issues or leaks; therefore, helping to prevent any equipment failure. Regular case cleaning will also help mitigate leaks and drips that could cause trips, slips or falls leading to lawsuits. “Our self-delivered case cleaning service provides value to our partner by allowing its operations to focus on what is most important: servicing the customer,” shares Cristee Monahan, City’s Vice President of Central Operations, “This program provides additional value in labor reduction, energy savings, improved shrink, reduced maintenance costs, lesser accidents and improved sanitation.”

Our self-delivered case cleaning service provides value to our partner by allowing its operations to focus on what is most important: servicing the customer.Cristee Monahan, City’s Vice President of Central Operations

Additionally, this newly added position to the City tech force offers a great entry point for those who have a passion for service excellence and want to experience the great growth that City offers. All City technicians have access to supportive leadership, City University (their online E-Learning platform), as well as multiple cross-departmental development programs and advancement opportunities that often take place in its world-class training center in Jacksonville, Florida. City cares passionately about the people they hire and ensures that growth is always on the horizon.

City Case Cleaning Technician cleaning out refrigeration case

City plans to roll out this new service to 31 of its partner’s stores throughout 2022. City is thrilled to have welcomed new technicians and expand on its promise of service excellence with its extremely valued and trusted partner.

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