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Coming Together: City’s Year Beginning Meeting 2022

City Facilities Management (FL) LLC welcomed over 350 leadership and various other team members in-person (and virtually) for the first time in two years for our annual Year Beginning Meeting (YBM) in Jacksonville, Florida.

Day one of YBM (March 8th, 2022) kicked off with presentations from City’s Senior Leaders. These presentations highlighted and recognized our teams’ largest accomplishments in 2021. We also revealed this year’s theme and outlined our goals for 2022. Days two and three (March 9th – March 10th, 2022) featured partner-specific highlights and discussions on our strategic initiatives.

Teams enjoyed hearing the successes from 2021. Successes included the launch of our Spark+ energy platform, the heroic actions of our storm troopers during the hurricane and snow seasons, how we were able to deliver health plan cost reductions, our success with the new stores/renewal projects and more.

The excitement continued with the announcement of our 2022 initiatives, which include a partnership to build a company-wide training program to continue to deliver on our promise of providing a world-class customer experience. The teams were excited to hear about Microsoft Dynamics 365, a new cloud-based business application that will replace our work management and finance systems, revolutionizing how we manage our business and driving further efficiencies.

The People Team announced the rollout of the Workday Human Capital Management system scheduled to go live later this month. They also announced the formation of our new Diversity Council and our free technical training online curriculum. This curriculum will be available to all Multi-skilled and RHVAC technicians starting on April 1st through our Level Up program. We were also joined by leaders representing our customers who spoke on the value of the partnership with City and the importance of customer experience. They also shared their appreciation for our teams.

YBM is also a time of celebrating each other’s contributions and honoring our dedicated team members/teams with the prestigious George Campbell Award, President’s Award, City Service Hero Awards, Best Regions, Most-Improved Regions, Safest Regions, and more (pictured below).


This year’s theme, Our Strength’s in You ’22, was weaved throughout. This theme was chosen by Richard Nuttall, President of City FL, to highlight City’s can-do attitude, purpose and resilience that the company prioritizes.

Our industry faces many challenges as we head into 2022. However, time and time again throughout the pandemic, our teams have evidenced that with a can-do attitude, purpose and resilience we can seek out performance where other providers seek out excuses. I wanted our leadership framework for this year to build on the strength that the team has shown in these past few years and recognize that our ability to grow resides in the strength that we show as one teamRichard Nuttall, President of City FL

Thank you to all who traveled from afar, participated and contributed to making this year’s YBM a success!

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