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You certainly don’t want customers walking into your store, then turning around and heading back out. But that can happen if there is disrepair, bad lighting, intolerable temperatures, or an unsafe feeling. (Good lighting can boost sales by 2-12%, according to some studies.)

What’s more, the store down the street might offer a host of amenities: lockers for online purchases, social and entertainment areas, WiFi cafes, even rooftop bars. These days, the customer experience is top of mind for retailers facing some pretty sophisticated competition. Comfortable, pleasant, convenient environments keep shoppers in your store longer and create a sense of trust for your brand and products.

Even if you have all the sought-after amenities, problems around holidays can cause retailers permanent nightmares. Grocery and convenience stores are particularly vulnerable around July 4th and Thanksgiving. Yet more than 50% of U.S. supermarkets operate their refrigeration and HVAC systems inefficiently, which is driving utility costs and product shrink numbers higher, creating a recurring negative impact on store profits. This does not even include the amount of lost sales from customers walking past cases with frost-covered products, damaged products or, no products at all due to system failure. The customer experience can be severely impacted by this or by faulty HVAC.


Rest easy knowing the retail industry has been the mainstay of City FM’s work for decades. In the U.S., we’ve provided comprehensive service management for some of the largest global household names in the retail industry. By keeping their consumers at the center of our service delivery model, we’ve satisfied and earned the trust of the most demanding and innovative customers.

Creating great retail customer experiences

Building great consumer experiences helps build your brand loyalty, and ultimately, profitability and shareholder value. City FM realizes the importance of our work. We’ve built and tested models of service delivery that are quite unique—and effective—in facilities services and management.


  • Dedicated teams of service technicians for defined groups of retail outlets ensuring familiarity of assets and personnel.
  • Multi-skilled Technicians (MSTs) who can perform most tasks without having to call in external help, thereby increasing uptime in asset utilization.
  • Multi-faceted technology-driven service monitoring with complete visibility afforded to customers.
  • 24/7/365 coverage by a help desk where you will always speak to a human being and receive expedited attention on all issues.
  • Full life cycle management of special projects by qualified engineers and other professionals.