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An Inside Look Into City’s World-Class Training Center

Many unique indicators make City stand apart from the rest. The unparalleled professionalism, quality, customer service and value we bring our partners around the globe are only a few of those indicators. Another is our world-class, on-site training center.

For George Campbell, Head of Technical Services, starting a training center was no simple feat but was entirely worth it. Campbell, along with City FL President, Richard Nuttall, Head of Multi-Skilled Technicians, David Ely, Head of Refrigeration, Steve Moss, and other leaders first created the concept for the training center back in 2016. Our original training center existed within a spare warehouse that one of our partners let us occupy. Our teams utilized this warehouse until a budget was approved to establish an on-site training center at the same site as our Jacksonville, Florida headquarters.

City US is so very lucky and blessed that we have partners and leaders willing to invest in and prioritize training. The rewards of training technicians on site aren’t just about teaching them the trade, but about creating good teams for years to come.George Campbell, Head of City’s Technical Services

In 2019, we went from concept to debuting our very own on-site training center for our team members.

This unique and top-of-the-line training center offers our Refrigeration, HVAC, Multi-Skilled and Grocery Cart Technicians a one-stop-shop for training classes and boasts the most recent technology and skilled trainers available. City knows how important it is to empower our technicians with the technical skills and resources it requires to fix any equipment they may come across in our partners’ stores. That’s why our training center is stocked with fully operational grocery, retail and convenience store equipment – from refrigeration rack systems to ovens, cardboard balers, electrical panels, freezers, truck unloaders, deli slicers and more – mimicking what our partners have in and around their stores.

City’s World-Class Training Center in Jacksonville Florida offers space for technicians to learn how to fix equipment on-site.

In addition to new hire trainings and inductions, we offer regular, no-cost training programs for Field team members looking to expand their skillsets. Coupled with City University, our online e-Learning platform of over 1,500 courses – including over 160 technician-specific courses – our team members have no shortage of opportunities to “level up” and advance their careers. They can become certified or trained in topics ranging from “Diagnosing Rotisserie Ovens” to “Setting Up Your OXY-Acetylene Torch.”

Campbell explains, “This huge investment in training is a win-win. The better equipped and prepared our technicians are, the quicker our partners’ equipment and stores are up and running so they can continue serving their customers.”

City US is proud to be a disrupter in the facilities maintenance industry and be one of the only companies offering true hands-on training and equipment hosted under live conditions in the nation. Our training center is world-class, but so is our phenomenal group of technicians and leaders who put in the time and effort to meet the City standard. Our training strategy and investment sets our technicians and our company on a path of continual success.

For more about City’s training center and programs, be on the lookout for additional Tech Talk articles coming soon.

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