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How City Invests in Technician Development

At City, we are proud to be able to offer our unique self-delivery model with the highest level of service and quality for our customers. What we are most proud of; however, is our teams and their diverse skillsets. We have made it our mission to provide continual development opportunities and resources for our team members so that the sky is the limit for their growth.  

Ortiz is currently participating in City’s first Strive to Achieve session of the year. Strive to Achieve is a four-week program for field technicians whose leaders believe they could benefit from additional one-on-one training with our technical subject matter experts and trainers. Strive to Achieve consists of six four-hour long sessions in our state-of-the-art training center in Jacksonville, Florida. In these sessions, technicians get to work on the very equipment found in our customers’ stores alongside City’s seasoned trainers to strengthen their skillset, and in turn, their teams. 

Before his employment at City, Ortiz only received field-based training. Recently passing his one-year anniversary at City, he expressed great gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the Strive to Achieve program and develop the skills that will take him from good to great!  

For Ortiz, the training has not only helped him become a better field technician but has ignited a desire to go further in his career, saying, “I hope to go on and continue strengthening and expanding my skillset. I look forward to eventually going through Level Up and who knows, maybe becoming a supervisor one day and teaching people myself.”  


For our more advanced technicians, we offer our in-house Level Up program. This program recognizes R/HVAC and Multi-Skilled Technicians who are high-performers and affords them the opportunity to upskill or “level up” through a variety of trainings and a promotion. “City is investing very heavily in technical training,” shares Matthew Taylor, Head of Refrigeration at City, “We know that smaller organizations do not have the resources to teach technicians the way we do. All our training is centered on the actual equipment the technician will work on in their stores, as well as mimics real-life problems that the technician may encounter in the field.”

We know that smaller organizations do not have the resources to teach technicians the way we do. Matthew Taylor, Head of Refrigeration at City

training-programs-tech-talk-logo-300x300-6528952The program, which is completely free for team members, consists of a series of online courses available on our City University or “City U” platform. After completing the online, self-paced curriculum and practicing their learnings for 60 days, they then undergo a field verification from their supervisors to determine if they have retained enough information to move on to the next step. Provided the technicians have met this criterion and are maintaining the KPIs our customers expect, they participate in a phone assessment conducted by our technical subject matter experts to test their knowledge. If they do well, they are invited to our training center to perform a hands-on demonstration of their knowledge and spend the remainder of the day enjoying personalized one-on-one training. All technical training curriculum was developed in partnership with subject matter experts on the technical training team and the people development team. City just recently congratulated 62 technicians on their successful Level Up!  

City U, our extensive on-demand eLearning platform, offers over 160 technical courses for technicians who wish to develop and Level Up, and over 1,500 courses in total! These courses include technical and soft skills programs and are available to all team members who want to continue their personal and professional growth journeys. City has dedicated significant resources to development and has made these programs available to all team members at no cost.  

You are only as good as your people. These training programs let our technicians know that we invest in their skills and want to help them be at the top of their game.George Campbell, Head of Technical Services

As we explore new regions across the US and beyond, we are always looking for highly skilled technicians to join our teams. If you are interested in learning more about City and our open positions, visit www.work4city.com today!

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