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What Separates a Good Technician From a Super One

December 15, 2022

There is no doubt that technicians juggle a lot. It doesn’t matter the day of the week or the time of the year, every day is just as busy as the last. Employees that excel are those who not only stay afloat in such busy times, but also develop the qualities that allow them to thrive. In this month’s Tech Talk, we look at a few of the many attributes that often set a good technician apart from a super one.

1. Attention to Detail

Without a strong attention to detail, even the simplest jobs can go wrong. It’s vital that technicians pay close attention to their work order requirements, are versed in the latest technology and equipment, and are well acquainted with their own tools. Having a strong attention to detail ensures that everything, from the smallest items to the largest ones, are done right the first time, providing the best outcomes for the retailer by ensuring that further problems aren’t created.

For technicians, attention to detail may look like taking the time to review your store’s electrical plans and equipment types prior to a job, reading the job details thoroughly and speaking with a teammate or supervisor for any clarification needed, double checking that all steps of the fix were done by the books and more. Ultimately, detail-oriented technicians make sure that items aren’t overlooked, and they leave the store in better shape than when they arrived.

2. Strong Communication

Excelling in communication is a valuable skill for any job. For technicians, however, communication is arguably just as vital as their strong technical abilities. It is essential for maintaining a manageable workload, ensuring that all team members are on the same page and that jobs are completed successfully and without delay. Additionally, technicians are not only responsible for just communicating amongst themselves and store managers, but also with any vendors, customers, and help desk agents. “We train our team members to have open lines with one another. Prioritizing communication provides built-in support so that they know they can always call in while they’re in the field,” shares Kurtis Gaddy, Technical Training Specialist at City. “Communication is critical to the techs because there’s so often large volumes to contain. And with so many different people within City, we want them to know that no matter the issue, someone will always be there to support them with an issue.”

3. Excellent Customer Service Skills

Having excellent customer service skills means everything from communicating in a timely manner to maintaining a positive attitude despite rapidly changing workloads. The best technicians are the ones that take the time to introduce themselves to store personnel before a job is done and communicate the results once the job is completed. With this level of communication and customer service, technicians are showing their store associates and internal team that they are One Team and willing to go above and beyond each and every day.

At City, we have a saying: “It’s City’s Name Above the Door”. This means that each technician has true ownership over their footprint and that each interaction they have is a representation of the organization, whether speaking with a store manager on the phone or a customer in an aisle. Therefore, customer service is weaved throughout everything they do.

4. Willingness to Learn

Every day, there’s a new innovation or tool coming onto the facilities scene. Over 5 brand new trends were reported to have entered the HVAC space in 2022, prompting technicians to adapt to more sustainable practices such as installing lighting that utilizes less energy consumption and employing new technologies that are connected with a retailer and/or facilities maintenance partner’s larger Internet of Things (IoT) framework.

Earlier this year, City introduced a ground-breaking tool in the retail space called SOUNDTech+ powered by DST that uses machine learning and ultrasound technology to detect impending equipment failures. This meant months of hands-on training and testing with the new tool so that technicians could start bringing the technology to their stores before yielding its benefits. With so many changes happening regularly within the FM field, a super technician is one that recognizes these trends and jumps on the opportunity to learn more.

5. Team Player

For technicians, being part of a team is crucial to the success of the project, the company culture, and their own morale. Whether its equipment breaking down, parts that need replacing, or any other number of incidents, technicians are always on the go and no one day looks the same. That’s why having a team to help support one other is so crucial. They help hold each other accountable, check each other’s work, share best practices or just keep spirits high when demands are high.

For Multi-Skilled Technician at City, Joshua McGraw, City’s One Team Together mindset helps with the constant shifting and developing jobs from day to day. “Having a team you can rely on, that you can turn to for questions or advice, creates a togetherness that helps resolve the issues as they come. The teamwork and the unique issues that we face strengthen our bond and help develop our skills,” stated Joshua.

These are just a few of the many, many skills and attributes it takes to make a technician excel in today’s fast-paced world.

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