Why City FM?

Why City FM?

We drive exceptional customer outcomes

At City FM, we do things in a very different way. And you’ll get very good, measurable results… A higher performing facility. Better end-user experiences.

Keeping you competitive: A true partner on your side. These days, the facility itself has become a major competitive differentiator in most industries. Your environment helps you recruit the best people; boost employee morale, productivity, and innovation; and increase customer loyalty and sales. Put our real experts to work for you. We know how to transform facilities for excellent end-user experiences. From everyday maintenance and minor repairs to system upgrades or complex capital projects, City FM is ready to serve you. Our partnership model—with self-delivery—ensures quality while eliminating the cost and administrative pains inherent with multiple subcontractors.

Looking out for your bottom line: Our financial approach sets the stage for your success. Our partnership model guarantees our dedicated stewardship of your budget and property. You’ll have a realistic picture of the “why’s” and “how’s” and confidently know where to save and where to wisely invest. Whether we manage your people or bring in our own professionals, you’ll have peace of mind knowing the whole process is in expert hands. For example, City FM is one of the few companies offering a true end-to-end integrated energy management solution as part of our FM model.

Using data for impactful outcomes. On a daily basis, we’re gathering multiple data points related to your facilities’ operation and analyzing everything related to your operation’s infrastructure. This rich data, along with our expertise, can lead to smart programmatic decisions about energy use, sustainability, lifecycles of your assets, predictive maintenance, etc. Our goal is to help your facilities work for you and create happy end-users, while always operating cost-effectively.

The City FM difference… and what it means for you

  • Industry-disruptive approach: Partnership Model
  • Choose your peace of mind:Full IFM or other
    City FM models
  • Degreed, experienced professionals
  • Benefits-laden services
  • Serving you better with City FM augmented services:Profit-driven maintenance,Customer-centricity,Multi-Skilled Technicians,Helpdesk,Technology,Scalability,Innovation

Serving you better with City FM extras:


In today’s environment, the cornerstone of success is engaged, productive employees who are loyal because their experience is positive. We design our work with this in mind. . Our people and programs are focused on ensuring that human needs—comfort, safety, aesthetics, efficiency—are catered to, which in turn, takes the pressure off you and creates optimal conditions to enhance your competitive advantages. In short, we aren’t just a provider centered on rote services; we’re a provider who is service-centered around you and your constituents.

Driving your bottom line through profit-driven maintenance

Profitable growth is not achieved by increasing revenue alone. To achieve financial success and drive profitability, a company must find ways to operate more efficiently—by eliminating wasteful and redundant processes and streamlining operations wherever possible. We call it profit-driven maintenance. If you’re doing it well, you increase your bottom line–City FM’s approach ensures improvements by combining your data with our aggressive programming.

Multi-skilled dedicated labor eliminates subcontractors

Speedy handling of repairs and other tasks gives you peace of mind, prevents costly maintenance or replacement, and enhances your brand. Your partnership with us means you’ll enjoy fast response by our Multi-Skilled Technicians (MSTs). Assigned to you and familiar with all aspects of your facility, these dedicated, knowledgeable personnel with multiple skills take care of a host of issues, from toilets to door hinges to lighting. Typically, MSTs replace the need for 5-6 outsourced contractors.

Because our MSTs are dedicated to a limited number of locations, they can provide this complete array of services and handle larger volumes of work, often solving multiple problems in one visit. For example, you won’t need to call an electrician for an electrical panel issue or a plumber for a leak. One technician has full accountability and therefore, will not point a finger to an outside specialist to correct an issue. Your MSTs will advise on replacement versus repair and are flexible enough to help you with the unexpected, such as hurricane preparation or in the aftermath, when vendors are hard to come by. The result for you is maximization of critical asset uptime.

Built-in flexibility for all seasons and reasons

You’ll enjoy our scalable solutions that fit your budget and manage your needs for both hard and soft services. This gives you flexibility to move up or down from there, when change inevitably occurs. And for end-to-end handling of your capital improvement projects, you’ll have access to a high-level, seasoned engineering and design team.

Impactful outcomes from technology-driven decisions

How do we ensure impactful outcomes at your facility? Meet Mercury, our proprietary platform. It’s the backbone that helps us keep check on everything related to our service delivery. The analysis done and insights drawn from the data collected, drives meaningful decision-making. And that means success for your program.

24/7 Technical Helpdesk expedites problem resolution

Sometimes you need to talk to a human. We promise 24/7, expedient call handling from a real person, who will process your request from start to finish—your important concerns will never get waylaid in a shuffle of paperwork or a systems black hole.

Because helpdesk personnel are backed by our technology, they have access to the data on your assets. This enables the team to manage all related details, including lifecycle costs to help with long-term procurement strategies.

Benefits-laden customized maintenance solutions for your facility’s needs

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You’ll find that City FM harnesses innovative tools that support our proactive measures to keep your facility running efficiently and provide valuable data insights. These innovations include:

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
  • Asset Tagging
  • Mercury
  • Sensors & Monitoring
  • Beacons
  • Genetic Algorithms
  • App Development
  • SPARK Energy Management